What are Quests?

Quests are targeted earning opportunities and the lifeblood of RabbitHole. After you complete a Quest you can mint a receipt and claim a token reward.

What is a receipt?

Receipts are NFTs that represent proof-of-completion for RabbitHole Quests. Each receipt is unique to a specific Quest. You can use the receipt to claim a reward for a Quest, or you can transfer it to others. You can even use it as collateral in a loan on some DeFi protocols!

How do I become eligible for a Quest?

Requirements are different for every Quest, so it's hard to guarantee what might make you eligible for certain quests. However, you're more likely to be chosen for a Quest if you transact often and have earned a larger number of tokens. The more you transact, the more earning opportunities you unlock!

How do I claim a reward in a Quest?

You can claim a reward for a Quest by minting or owning a Quest receipt that has not yet claimed a reward. Open up the RabbitHole app, navigate to your Quests, and you'll see the available rewards you can claim.

How can I create a Quest?

We're currently working with select partners who meet certain requirements. If you'd like to be considered for a Quest on RabbitHole, please fill out this form.