Earn tokens by using crypto applications

RabbitHole makes it easy to earn crypto by participating in the best cryptonetworks


Quests give you ownership of crypto projects as you transact


How it works

The more you transact and the more tokens you earn, the more earning opportunities you unlock.

Get a crypto wallet

Download a crypto wallet of your choice, or connect one you already have.

Start transacting

Start transacting on-chain and collect tokens to build your on-chain resume, increasing your chances of Quest eligibility.

Complete Quests

Complete on-chain tasks across the crypto ecosystem and come back to RabbitHole to verify completion.

Mint Receipts

Mint a Quest Receipt, an NFT representing proof-of-completion of the Quest.

Claim your reward

Use the Quest Receipt to claim your token reward.

Our Mission

We imagine a world where an individual's contributions can be worth more than their capital investments

For crypto to move to its next stage, tokens should be in the hands of the network participants rather than concentrated in the wallets of large whales.

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For Protocols. Distribute ownership into the hands of high-quality users by incentivizing on-chain work.

Quest Protocol. RabbitHole is built on top of the Quest Protocol, the best way for protocols to attach any token reward to any on-chain action.

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